All Star Pediatrics Telephone Policy

Office phone: 407-240-5554

Office fax:  407-240-5543 

Our office strives to provide patients convenient and efficient service via telephone, however telephones are a means of communication only, not diagnosis.  Simple things, such as colds, stomach viruses, mild diarrhea, and low grade fevers may, at times, be managed by telephone consultation.  However, if your child is ill, there is no substitute for a trip to the office.  Once a diagnosis has been made, the telephone is excellent for following the patient’s progress. The following are guidelines for calling our office depending on the situation:

Except in emergencies, please have the following information available when you call:

  • your child’s main symptoms,
  • any chronic disease or health problem your child has,
  • your child’s temperature if he or she is sick,
  • your child’s approximate weight (for calculating drug dosages),
  • the names and dosages of any medications your child is currently taking,
  • your pharmacy telephone number,
  • pencil and paper to take down any instructions,
  • your child in case you need to verify information about the condition.

Emergencies  (Day or Night)

A situation is considered an “emergency” when an “illness, injury or episode has already, or has the potential to acutely impair one or more vital organ systems such that there is a high probability of imminent or life threatening deterioration in the patient’s condition.”

  • Call 911 for any life-threatening situation for which your child might require resuscitation (choking, unconscious, difficulty breathing, seizure, etc.).
  • For poisonings, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222.
  • Contact our practice for minor emergencies (dehydration, wounds, injuries, etc.).
  • When calling our practice for an emergent situation, always state clearly, “This is an emergency.”  Do not allow anyone to put you on hold, until he/she has acknowledged your situation.
Calls About Sick Children During Normal Office Hours

Our trained nurse is available to take your calls during normal business hours.  Our staff can advise you regarding general care recommendations, managing minor ailments and determining whether or not a visit to the office is necessary.  You may also speak to our nurse or office staff for follow-up on labs, immunization information and coordination of care for outside medical services.

If our nurse is unavailable at the time of your call please leave a message with the office staff.  In general, calls regarding acute illnesses are returned within 2 or 3 hours by either the nurse or the physician.  All other calls will be returned within 24 hours.  If your call has not been returned, or if your child’s condition worsens, please call back. 

If your child is ill and you would like to see the physician, please call first.  “Walk-in” appointments disrupt the schedule and are unfair to other patients.  For same day appointments, try to call in the early morning office hours.  Our staff takes great care in ensuring your chart is current and the insurance information is correct to avoid any billing or payment problems.  Calling early in the day allows sufficient time to have your information in order and expedites your time in the office.  Please make sure your babysitter or daycare understands that you should be notified early in the day if there is any chance your child may need to be seen.

Prescription Refills and Forms

Please call for refills or forms during normal business hours because we need your child’s chart to check on dosages, disease status and to document all pertinent information.  Please plan ahead so you do not run out of important medications.  Always have your pharmacy phone number available when you call.  Please allow at least 48 hours for forms to be completed.

Nighttime (After-Hours) Calls

Calls made after normal business hours should be for acutely ill children only.  Your call will be received by our on-call physician, who will attempt to return your call within 15 to 30 minutes. If you do not receive a response within 30 minutes, please call back.  There is a $15.00 charge for after-hours telephone services.

Weekends and Holidays

As a general rule, our office is closed on weekends and holidays.  Calls will be triaged the same as nighttime calls.

Calls Regarding Insurance and Billing

Any questions regarding insurance claims and billing statements should be directed to our office manager at 407-240-5554. Our billing staff will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding your bills and explanations of benefits we receive from your insurance carrier.  For questions regarding your coverage and/or policy limitations, please contact your insurance company or your employer.